About us—

At radix, we take a holistic approach to design. We believe that your story should shape your environments, and that the environments you've experienced are part of your story. What we mean, is that everything you've experience makes you, you. And we love the notion that we get to help bring that to life. 

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Oh Hello There—

We are so happy and so thankful that you have found Radix, and are considering us for your project! (Or maybe you just want to know more about us, and that's ok too...we're just glad you're here!)

Radix began as a pipe dream years ago, and has now blossomed into a full-service design house. After nearly a decade of experience designing a range of interiors across the globe, Courtnee decided it was time to create a place where design, and her love of it, could take center stage.

At Radix Creative, we create environments and assets that elevate your story. 

We believe that people make a place. And that human connection is the key to a successful experience or brand. When you share your story, vision, and values with your attendees or audience, you cultivate a relationship that transforms simple observers into active participants in your story. 

This is why our services always begin and end with a branded concept, unique to the story that YOU want to tell. 

If you’re ready to ditch the mundane and create something truly unique, then it’s time to turn to Radix! 

We can’t wait to create with you!

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what we love

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A Look Inside
Our World—

we love rosé on rooftops,

and sunsets on cliffs.

getting lost in unfamiliar places

make for the best experiences, stories, and inspirations.

and exploring new citie.

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Our Design Philosophy—

It doesn't matter if we are working together on a wedding or a brand activation event, our philosophy on how we approach design is the same...your story is at the center.

At Radix, we believe that being a designer is synonymous with being a storyteller, and we are SO excited o tell your story.

We believe that (good) design has a place in your story.  In fact, we believe that IS your story, told visually. 

For us, design isn't just drawing logos, or picking pretty colours (although, yes, that is certainly part of it).  It is understanding how we can create an environment, experience, or assets that captures the heart and soul of you or what you do. 

We work holistically, to ensure that every touch-point ties back to our overall concept, which is developed after getting to know you intimately. 

We believe that design should always reflect a story, respect its local climate and context, and elicit an emotional response.  And as we mentioned, we believe that people make a place, so we work hard to ensure that the environments we create fosters a sense of community. 

Our designs are inspired by our experiences.  Everything we have done, everything we have seen, tasted, touched...it all provides inspiration.  We feel most alive in foreign places...and we feel most creative when thrust into a place where we have to just, well, figure it out...Your creative critical thinking skills are never put the test quite like when you're in a place where no one speaks your language, and no one knows your name.  But we love the rush of that. Of learning along the way.  And learning from others who do things differently than we do.  

Our global experiences have shaped our perspective; taught us that there are many means to an end. And we bring that perspective to every project we work on. We approach things with an open mind, and an appreciation for a culturally curated aesthetic.

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