No. 1

Starting a new business? Well congrats from us! We feel SO blessed to get to walk alongside new business owners as they create and discover all their brand will be, and how it will be expressed to the world. And that’s just what we do in our ‘Maxi’ package; we do a deep-dive to understand the very foundations of your brand, and create a system that will best bring it to life visually. We also work on understanding your mission, vision, and values, and how those things translate to your audience. This package is all you need to get started, and then some!

the maxi

No. 3

You will always have the option to add on to your service package.  Whether it is assistance with creating some exciting new print media, or want someone to help you with your digital social strategy, we are here to help! 


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No. 2

This is our ‘lighter-touch’ package, for those who might need a quick re-fresh, or a simple set of digital assets to help elevate your brand. Whatever the need might be, we are here to see how we can better connect you to your audience, and do it in style! 

the mini

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no. 1

When you share your story, vision, and values with your attendees or audience, you cultivate a relationship that transforms simple observers into active participants in your story.  

This is why our services always begin and end with a branded concept, unique to the story that YOU want to tell.  

Our mission is to not only provide you with a brand identity that feels like you, but that engages your audience in a way that up-levels your business.  

Through research and strategy, together we will create a branding experience complete with a visual identity system, and brand strategy that will allow you to position your brand in a way that is true to your business core vision, mission and values.

Our hope is that you see the value in hiring a designer, and we get a chance to work with you to create something magical!

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No. 2

Pretty In Print—

we love ink on paper,

colourful combinations

that make the little things the big things

and tiny accents

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