No. 3

You will always have the option to add-on to your package to ensure you are getting everything you need. 
Whether it is assistance with styling, or you need to stage for re-sell, we are here for it. 
At Radix we offer digital design services, with a range of asset deliverables available. Maybe you're opening a new cafe, and you want your menu to cohesively speak to the interior experience? Well look no further, because holistic design is the name of our game! 


No. 2

The maxi is for those who want a comprehensive design experience. With this package, we do all of the heavy lifting (literally). Just like in "the mini", we work together to understand your story, and determine how to best bring that to life visually.

the maxi

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No. 1

The mini is for those who have a general idea of what they want, and want to execute the final design themselves, but they just need some help connecting the dots...a bit of a push in the right direction.

the mini

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We focus most of attention on commercial interiors, but we do take on a select amount of residential projects as well. Just talk to us to see if your home project is something we can help you with...we would love to work with you if we can! 

We offer a range of services, in hopes to meet you (and your spaces) needs where you’re at. Whether you need a full-fit-out of a space, or a lighter-touch service, we are here to help you through the design process. 

Our hope is that you see the value in hiring a designer, and we get a chance to work with you to create something magical!

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A Collection of What You Love—

we love heavy texture,

dramatic lighting,

and tile.
gosh, we love tile

unique pieces of art, 

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